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Our Heads

The Head
of the Regional Public Organization
Free Karelia
Semyonov Sergey Sergeevich



I was born on 30 November 1973 in the town of Yershov (Saratov Region) located in the former Volga German Autonomous Republic which existed from 1918 till 1941.

My parents, Sergey Mikhailovich Semyonov and Galina Alexandrovna Semyonova, who were both born in 1951, grew up in different parts of the Soviet Union and met in the Saratov Polytechnical Institute. They successfully graduated from the Institute as construction engineers and have worked for over 20 years at various construction sites located in the Saratov Region, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Moscow and the Moscow Region.

My grandfather, Alexander Nikolaevich Reshetnikov, who was born in 1919, grew up in the Volga German Autonomous Republic. He was an ethnic German with Norwegian-Saami blood (on the paternal side). He was in the army during World War II and took part in warfare, including the war with Japan. After the war he returned to the Saratov Region and worked as a combine operator in the "Yershovsky" state farm. Grandfather was decorated with the Order of the Red Banner of Labour and several medals.

My grandmother, Maria Maximovna Reshetnikova (1925 - 2008), was from the Saami and Don Russian Cossacks. She became an orphan when she was very young. Grandmother was a tractor driver in the "Yershovsky" state farm and ran a big household. She had and brought up three children.

My grandfather, Mikhail Nikiforovich Semyonov (1925 - 2008), Russian by birth, was born in the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic that used to be the 16th republic of the USSR (Karelo-Finnish Soviet Socialist Republic) from 1940 to 1956. He took part in World War II and was awarded the medals, the Order of the Red Banner and Order of the Great Patriotic War (second degree). Having graduated from the university after the war, he was assigned to the Kazakh SSR where he lectured on scientific communism at the Kazakh State University. Grandfather remained faithful to the ideas of Marxism-Leninism for the rest of his life.

My grandmother, Valentina Dmitrievna Semyonova (1926 - 2008), was born in the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. She was ethnic Karelian and worked for the railways, including the administration board of the Railways Ministry of the Kazakh SSR (after she moved from Karelia to Kazakhstan) all her life. She was decorated with the Order "Badge of Honour." Grandmother had and brought up two sons.

When I was a boy, my parents and I moved very often. I went to many different schools and I got used to simple life and became independent very early. I was always an A-grade schoolboy and took part in contests in history, geography, Russian language and literature. Besides, I did a lot of sports, i.e. tourism, athletics (long distance race), boxing, taekwondo. I achieved Sport Class III (according to the Russian system of professional sport qualifications) in parachute jumping. I also wrote verses and short stories, some of them were published.

I went to the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (MADI) in July 1991. Since that time I have been working really hard to make a difference in this country. I joined the Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union (later the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia or LDPR) in November 1991. In 1993-1994, I was a member of the paramilitary youth organisation "Sokoly Zhirinovskogo" (Zhirinovsky's Falcons) who guarded the LDPR leader during rallies and demonstrations. Being proactive in the political life of LDPR, I was soon singled out by its leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky. In February 1995, I was appointed (by Mr. Zhirinovsky) deputy to the head of Zhirinovsky's Falcons V. Pchyolkin (the State Duma Deputy of the 1st Federal Assembly). Having appreciated my efforts in the youth organisation, Mr. Zhirinovsky soon appointed me as his assistant. In November - December 1993, I was his authorised representative and I was running his election campaign for the State Duma of the 1st Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation rom Shchelkovo Single-Member Constituency No. 114 (Moscow Region). Zhirinovsky won by a landslide. At the time I had to combine my party duties and studies at the institute.

In September 1995, I became a LDPR deputy candidate for the State Duma of the 2nd Federal Assembly both from the Khabarovsk Territory running on the party's ticket and as an independent candidate from the Ust-Ordynsky Buryat Single-Member Constituency No. 220 where I was running my election campaign myself. In spite of all hardships, I succeeded in collecting the requisite number of signatures and got registered as the party nominee to the State Duma. I personally visited all towns and villages of the Ust-Ordynsky Buryat Autonomous Area and managed to meet with almost all the people.

On 30 September 1995 I was subject to an attempted murder in Irkutsk. I was saved by a miracle. When my assistants and I went out of the building, a car without the license plate purposefully ran into us in high gear and immediately sped away. It was me alone who had most severe injuries. I had an open comminuted fracture of the both left leg cannon-bones, heavy brain concussion, massive hemorrhage and loss of consciousness. The local police never came to the accident site. The legal proceedings were instituted only a month after my repeated claims and still the case was not about an attempted murderous assault, but a traffic violation by an unknown driver resulting in heavy bodily injuries (!). Thus, the police of Irkutsk de facto refused to search for the offender who tried to kill me. After the attempted murder I was rushed to the Irkutsk City Hospital where I underwent the operation and had an Elizarov apparatus applied. In a month I left the hospital without permission and, disregarding the doctors' objections, proceeded with my election campaign still on crutches. Nevertheless, I lost those elections.

However, on 17 December 1995, I was elected to the State Duma of the 2nd Federal Assembly on the LDPR's ticket (from the Khabarovsk Territory) and joined the LDPR faction in the Duma. In so doing, I became the youngest deputy of the State Duma in the history of the Russian Parliament (I was 22 years old). In 1998, Russian publishing houses "Divo" and "Ekonomicheskaya gazeta" registered me as the youngest deputy of the State Duma in the Russian Parliament history in the Russian Record Book titled Wonder: Miracles. Records. Breakthroughs (similar to the Guinness Book of Records).

After I was elected I was involved in the lawmaking process first in the Geopolitics Committee, later in the Women's Rights, Family and Youth Committee and then in the Information Policy and Communications Committee.

In June 1996, I graduated from the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute as a civil engineer specialising in construction of bridges and subways. Immediately after that I went to the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. I successfully graduated as an expert in international relations in June 1998.

In addition to my lawmaking duties in the State Duma, I began, on Mr. Zhirinovsky's request, labour-intensive work on establishing LDPR units in the remotest regions of Russia, particularly, in the Khabarovsk and Primorsky Territories, Amur, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Magadan and Irkutsk Regions, Jewish Autonomous Region, Chukchi, Koryak and Ust-Ordynsky Buryat Autonomous Areas. It is worth noting that the party units that I set up in these regions, territories and areas in 1996-1997 are still in operation. In this period I was working like mad and hardly ever slept at home. Being engaged in the party building process in the regions, I spoke at numerous rallies and gatherings, radio and television, advocating ideas of LDPR, answered questions of domestic and foreign journalists who published my interviews and articles in the press. I often received thank-you letters from people whom I helped as the Duma deputy.

During my office in the State Duma, on account of crying omissions and corruption of the Russian Government, I frequently tried to urge the Prime Ministers and ministers of the Cabinet personally to take immediate action and fix certain issues in the country. But it was in vain in most cases. I was witnessing, how Russian Federation was rapidly evolving into corrupted, semi-criminal quasi-state.

In 1996-1997 I wrote and published a number of research papers on economics and international law. In June 1997, I defended the thesis at the Moscow Institute of Transport Engineers. I was awarded the degree of candidate of science in economics (PhD analogue). My thesis was on the integration processes in the Commonwealth of Independent States and their impact on the economy of the Russian Federation.

By August 1999, I had been totally disappointed with the hypocritical and contradictory policies of LDPR and the morals of its long-standing leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky who was notorious for his cynical and blasphemous declarations and whose repeated rows scandalised the public. These are the reasons why I left LDPR faction on 8 August 1999 and joined People's Deputy, the independent deputy group led by the Duma Deputy G.I. Raikov, who represented interests of Russian regions and promoted re-election of independent deputies from single-member constituencies.

As an independent deputy, I went on working on several draft laws at the same time. Here are some of them: "On Additional Social Security Guarantees for Orphans and Children without Parental Care," "On Public Management and Support of the Russian Governmental Television and Radio Broadcasting Company," "On Governmental Support of the Russian Federation Mass Media and Book Publishing," "On the Critical Situation with Financing of the Russian Federation Courts," "On Protecting the Interests of Domestic Soft Drinks Producers," "On Customs Tariff," "On the Federal Budget for 1998," "On the Federal Budget for 1999."

As a Duma deputy and in subsequent years I have been to 25 countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Rumania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Cyprus, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, USA, India, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Philippines and Palau. In 1998-1999, I was also involved in the work of the CE Parliamentary Assembly as a member of the Russian Parliament official delegation. In this period I was given several medals and honours.

In autumn 1999, I stood for the elections for the State Duma of the 3rd Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Balakovo Single-Member Constituency No. 156 (Saratov Region) as an independent candidate. Thus, according to the preliminary returns, I had a strong lead throughout the Balakovo Constituency on the Election Day. But as a result of the election fraud, I "lost," quite unexpectedly for everybody, it appeared that I "suddenly" shifted from the first to the fifth place (!)).

When   my   deputy   term  of  office  ran  out,  the  Head  of  the  Primorsky  Territory  Government  Ye. Nazdratenko, who knew me very well, offered me the position of the Deputy Director of the Primorsky Territory Government Representative Office at the Russian Government. I accepted the offer and from May 2000 to February 2001 I filled this position. But in early 2001 the new President Vladimir Putin forced Governor Nazdratenko to leave his office before the end of his tenure. That is why I resigned on the same day when Governor Nazdratenko did - 22 February 2001.

On 23 February 2001, I was offered the position of the Deputy Director of Moststroy (a Russian construction company). Holding this office, I was able to conduct research work. In 2001, I completed the course at the Moscow Association of Environmental Education. My textbook for Russian institutions of higher education entitled "Principles of Environmental Protection in the Russian Federation" was published in 2005. Moreover, I organised the charity to help orphans and kindergartens in Moscow in 2001-2005.

On 2 July 2005, I set up and registered the Regional Public Organisation "Free Karelia" to protect the rights and freedoms of the Karelian People, preserve the land, mineral, water and other resources of the Republic of Karelia. All-round revival of Karelia became the main goal of my life.

Due to my efforts in 2005-2012 Members and Honorary Members Regional Public Organisation “Free Karelia” became heads municipal and governmental authority of Republic Karelia, statesmen of the various countries, scientists, doctors of sciences, professors of higher educational institutions of Petrozavodsk, St.-Petersburg, Moscow and Perm, deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly – Parliament of the Russian Federation and their assistants, federal judges and assistants of judges, writers, artists, actors, businessmen and many other Karelians of different ages, ethnic and professional background.

Thus, Free Karelia has the site under the same name (20 domains) in eight European languages as well as holds free education lectures aimed at promoting scientific view of the world, humanistic culture and gender equality.

As a natural result, our work was highly appreciated by heads of the Karelian municipalities and I was subsequently appointed the PR Advisor-Deputy to the Head of the Kondopoga Municipality and then the Assistant Head of the Republic Karelia. 

Now I am engaged in progress of activity of Regional Public Organisation "Free Karelia" and I write the fundamental conceptual philosophical book about a new way of the organization of a life of human community "REBELLION AGAINST GODS".

The detailed information on my life and activity together with my numerous personal photos is placed on my web-site:
The Deputy of Head
of the Regional Public Organization
Free Karelia
Trubitsin Vitali Vitalievich

Born on 3 July 1978 in Moscow. Parents - Russian, born and raised in the Karelian ASSR, father - famous scientist, mother - housewife, currently reside in Moscow.

After finish the high school № 497 of Moscow, in 1994 enrolled to the Moscow University of communication, from which graduated in 2000, with the specialty in: civil engineer with the assignment of military rank: engineer-lieutenant.

In September of 2000 enrolled in the graduate school of Moscow University of Communications in the department: «Construction operations».

In the period: from 1999 to 2002, wrote and published several scientific works, including: «Identification by the leader of a sequence for the solution of its tasks», «Mathematical methods of land subsidence due to temperatures», «The problems of railway construction at the present stage», as a result achieved an award of academic degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences, and shortly after - the degree of Doctor of economic sciences.

In 1996-1999, worked as an assistant to the deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation Semyonov S.S., was involved in political work in territory of the Republic of Karelia: Petrozavodsk, Kondopoga and Lahdenpoh.

At present works in graduate student of Moscow University of Communication, teaches at the department: «Construction operations».

Actively involved in sports: a candidate for Master of Sports in judo and hand-to-hand combat.

Since July 2005 until present has been fully engaged in the management of the Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia».