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Our Friends

Our Friends are public organizations and individuals, advocating for Freedom and Equality of all People, for the full development of the scientific worldview, humanistic education and gender equality. Our Friends are all those actively fighting all forms of violence, inequality, ignorance, poverty and drug addiction. Therefore, we support the efforts of various state and international organizations for the creation of free communities and full development, in such, of national, social and gender equality.

We believe that currently most great achievements in this type of activity were conquered by the Governments of the following European countries:
the Kingdom of Sweden,
Kingdom of Norway,
the Kingdom of Denmark,
the Kingdom of Great Britain,
the Republic of Iceland,
the Republic of Finland
and the Federal Republic of Germany.

With this, today a major role in promoting democratic principles is played by international organizations such as:
European Commission (www.ec.europa.eu),
International Helsinki Federation on Human Rights (www.ihf-hr.org, www.mhg.ru),
National Democratic Fund (www.ned.org),
American Agency of International Development (http://www.usaid.gov),
Department of International Development (www.dfid.gov.uk),
Westminster democratic fund (www.wfd.org),
Open Society Institute (http://www.soros.org),
Human rights watch (www.hrw.org),
International League of Human Rights (http://www.ilhr.org),
United Nations Development Fund for Women (www.unifem.undp.org),
Women's development and environment organization (www.wedo.org),
Global Fund for Women (www.globalfundforwomen.org),
Mama Cash Fund for Women" (www.mamacash.org),
Ford Fund (www.fordfound.org),
Mac Arthur Fund (www.macfound.org),
Human Rights Advocates (www.mnadvocates.org),
"New Eurasia" Fund (http://www.neweurasia.ru),
Saami Council - Sámiráđđi (www.saamicouncil.net).

We also support Karelian and Saami human rights protection and women's organizations whose work contributes to the full revival of the Republic of Karelia, among them:
Karelian youth organization "Nuori Karjala" (http://nuorikarjala.onego.ru),
Karelian youth educational organization "Center of The Initiative" (init.karelia.ru),
Karelian organization of Information and Education Network of Indigenous Peoples "Nevond"(www.indigenous.ru),
Karelian organization of Peoples of Knowledge "Vottovaara" (www.vottovaara.ru),
Sweden-Karelian information center ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ),
Saami Parliament of the Kola Peninsula (http://saamisups.ucoz.ru),
Association of Saami of the Kola Peninsula,
Public organization Sami Murmansk region,
Regional Society of Disabled "Saami Union",
National Cultural Autonomy Saami Lovozero district Murmansk region,
Society Saami craftsmen and artists "Chepes sam" and others.

In addition, we support the activities of various ecological organizations, such as:
Greenpeace of Russia (www.greenpeace.org/russia),
International Ecological Organization "Milieukontakt" (http://milieukontakt.net/en/),
International social-ecological union (www.seu.ru),
Regional public organization "Association of green Karelia" (greens.onego.ru),
Regional public organization for cooperation to stable development and protection of the environment "White Sea Union of the North-Karelian Coast" (www.whitesea.onego.ru),
Karelian National Park "Paanajärvi" (www.parks.karelia.ru/paanajarvi),
Karelian National Park "Voldozero" (www.vodlozero.ru),
Kondopoga regional organization "Union of greens "Sandal" (npo.kondopoga.ru/?page_id=65)
and others.

We also conduct, for the residence of the Republic of Karelia, free scientific and educational lectures, gratefully using the information material of such scientific organizations and individual scientists, as:
Russian Academy of Sciences (www.ras.ru),
Karelian Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (www.krc.karelia.ru),
ScandinavianInformation Center (www.ulver.com ),
Institute for Liberty of Conscience "Scientific atheism" (www.atheism.ru),
the Scientific and Educational Journal "Skepticism" (www.scepsis.ru),
Atheist Union of Moscow (www.ateizm.ru),
"Atheist Union" (www.ateist.ru),
Richard Dawkins "God as an illusion", "Egoistic gene" (www.richarddawkins.net),
Non-commercial program Fund "Dynasty" (www.dynastyfdn.ru),
International science-historical project "New Chronology" (www.chronologia.org, history.mithec.com),
German associations "History and Chronology" (www.jesus1053.com),
Association of archeologists, astronautics and search for extraterrestrial intellect (www.aas-fg.org),
Association "Kosmopoisk" (www.kosmopoisk.ru, www.kosmopoisk.org),
Michel A.Kremo and Richard L. Thompson "Forbidden archeology", "Unknown history of humanity" (www.mcremo.com),
International Center "Psych-K" (www.psych-k.com),
Association of Vedic Knowledge (www.vedicknowledge.com),
Gregg Braden "Devine Matrix" (www.greggbraden.com),
Kevin Roberts "Future Brands Lovemarks" (www.lovemarks.com),
Alan and Barbra Peace "New Language of Movement" (www.peaseinternational.com),
Bruce Lipton "Biology of Faith",
Steven Hawking "World in a Nut Shell",
Steven Hawking and Rodger Penouze "Nature of space and time",
Steven Hawking and Leonard Mlodinov "Short history of time",
Brian Green "Elegant Universe",
Charles Flowers "Ten commandments of instability - great ideas of the ХХ century",
Francis Fukuyama "Our post-human future",
Michel Beidjent "Forbidden archeology: sensation and mystification of the old and early history",
Steven Oppengeimer "Banishment from Eden. World settlement",
Farli Mouet "From Arius to Vikings OR who opened America",
R.Shartan, K.Durham, M.Harrison, И.Hit "Vikings. Sea captains, pirates and warriors",
Joel Karmichel "Secret to the Origin of Christianity - secular version",
David Rol "Genesis of civilization",
Andrew Collins "Fallen angels - forbidden heritage of the ancient race",
Fillip Gardner and Gary Osborne "Illuminating light: secret rulers of the world",
Uve Topper "Great fraud. Made up history of Europe",
Jorgen Veibul "Short history of Sweden",
А.Е.Kuznetsov "Norwegian History",
А.М.Popov "Ancient secrets of Karelia OR Hyperborean tradition of Karelia",
Morozov N.V. "Jesus",
Fomenko А.T. and Nosovski G.V. "New Chronology", "Empire",
Е.Е.Radchuk "Version for the emergence of the human civilization",
А.V.Arkhipov "Unsolved riddles of the universe",
О.V.Mikhailov "Anthology of the half-forgotten secrets",
А.I.Voitsekhovski "Secrets of the underground world",
U.M.Gogolitsin "Who are we and where we from?",
G.А.Ugai " Holography of the universe and a new universal philosophy",
Samuel P.Hantington "Collision of Civilizations", "Who are we?",
M.B.Khodorkovski "World in 2020",
A.P.Nikonov "Opium for people. Religion as global business-project" (http://litres.ru/pages/biblio_authors/?subject=48326)


We express our special respect for Völva Lisa Peschel for her seminal book “Runes for beginners”, which we continuously use in our daily life.(http://www.meanings.ru/peschel/index.htm)