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Organization data: INN: 1001049385, KPP: 100101001, OGRN: 1051002816700, OKVED: 91.33,
Accounts: 40703978200120000001 (Euro) in Petrozavodsk branch of OAO Baltic bank (Petrozavodsk),
correspondent account: 30101810000000000752, BIK: 048602752.

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Anthem of the Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia»

Anthem is an ancient Norwegian Anthem of Vikings, without words and striking the listeners with its triumphant and courageous sound on the background of light natural sounds, heard from the deep Fiords and rocky forests.

Warlike character of Vikings, their indefatigability, selflessness, courage, love to the Nature and love to own People are inherent for Members of Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia». Therefore, an ancient Hymn of Vikings became a Hymn of Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia».