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Organization data: INN: 1001049385, KPP: 100101001, OGRN: 1051002816700, OKVED: 91.33,
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Flag of the Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia»

The Flag is of traditional Scandinavian type: on the saturated red background there is a black Scandinavian cross - stretched cross in the direction of the flagpole with a white border. Proportions of the Flag are completely identical to a national Flag of Norway.

Color symbolism of the emblem is closely related to geographic, national, and ethnographic characteristics of the Republic of Karelia. The red color - the color of Blood, shed by the Karelian People in times of war and the traditional color of the Karelian embroidery. Black symbolizes the great and eternal wisdom, absorbing all evil forces. White - represents purity and truth, inherent to wisdom.

The black cross with a red border was depicted on the flag of an independent Republic of Ukhta, which existed in the East (White sea) part of Karelia in 1918 - 1922.

With this, the red, white and black colors - traditional national colors of the Karelian People. Therefore, the main elements of the flag of the Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia» are executed in these colors.