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Emblem of the Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia»

The main emblem is presented by the armorial shield of the so-called Spanish form, in the form of a rectangle with rounded lower third and fringed line of the saturated red, symbolizing Blood, shed by the Karelian People in times of war and being the traditional color of the Karelian embroidery.

Flatness of the armorial shield is white, symbolizing purity and truth.

The heart of the shield - profile figure of the standing upright Bear, black, symbolizing the eternal wisdom and the destruction of evil forces.

In the top - Nordic Rune Soylu, symbolizing victory, of saturated red color, symbolizing in this case, the protection of the Karelian People.

Armorial shied on both sides is supported by the shield holders in the form of stylized trees: spruce and pine, entering the main contour of the shield, very rich red color, which symbolizes health, strength and courage of the Karelian People. Color symbolism of the emblem is closely related to geographic, national, and ethnographic characteristics of the Republic of Karelia:

"Spruce grows with flowering head
And with golden branches.
At the edge of the Osmo glade:
At the top the moon shines
And the bear on branches..."
(Karelian Epos Kalevala).

A central element of the emblem is a figure of a Bear. Bears were always particularly cherished by the Karelian People, in whose folklore bear was always given a prominent place. Cycle of Karelian songs about bears, was accompanied by the ritual hunting of bears in the ancient bear festival. Numerous statue images of the bear and Neolithic silicon pendants depicting a seated bear are found in various parts of Karelia. With this the bear in representation of all the Scandinavian Nations was originally a totem and later an animal of cult. Vertical majestic posture of the Bear is performed in the heraldic tradition, and has a meaning, pointing to the relation of the bear with a man, in its supernatural qualities, but also embodies the wisdom of women and gender equality inherent to the peoples of Scandinavia since ancient times.

Constellation of the Great Bear in the form of seven stars was shown on the flag of an independent Republic of Ukhta, existing in the East (White sea) part of Karelia in 1918 - 1922.

At the top of the emblem - Nordic Rune Soylu, one of the runes of Victory, granting strength and bringing good luck. This Rune was the most common element in the Karelian embroidery, especially in the clothing of ancient Karelian hunters and anglers. Images of the Soylu Rune bares a solar symbolic significance - a flash of lightning, a star, a luminary, the sun. Therefore, Soylu Rune is an astral sign, a symbol of great strength, good health and vitality of Karelian People, the source of its life, happiness and prosperity. Karelian Epos Kalevala was established based on ancient wisdom of Runes, and originally recorded with Runic alphabet. Soylu Rune is used as a first phonetic symbol in the title of Sampo - "Happiness of Eternal Beginning".

Shield bearers of the emblem - are graphically contingent images of spruce and pine, the Runic pictograms, and consisting of elements of Runes Teyvaz and Algiz, that embody engrossing success and good powerful force. These images with the motives of trees are very common elements in the Karelian embroidery, beyond the aesthetic function, and preserving the echoes of the ancient times, related to the worship of majestic conifers.

With this, red, white and black - traditional national colors of the Karelian people. Thus, main elements of the Emblem of the Regional Public Organization «Free Karelia» are executed in these colors.