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Rock opera Bjarmaland

Horfa á Rock Opera Bjarmaland.

10th century. Fortress of the Norwegian konung Eirik the Bloody Axe.

Konung sends his son Herald to retrieve the gold of the legendary country of Byarmiya. He failed many years ago, and he commands his son to avenge his loss against Byarmiya.

Novgorod Nezvan and Peresvet bring new goods to the market in Byarmiya.

The market is visited by the keeper of Sacred tree, the prophetess Vairone with her daughter Yiouchen. Nezvan is stunned by the beauty of this girl. Local hunter Kukha is jealous of the man from Novgorod to his loved one and offers the merchant a test of strength.

Reaching Byarmiya, Vikings declare that they come in peace, to trade.

Sister of Herald, Ragni, took her brother’s word, knowing his temper, that the latter will restrain himself, so that the Vikings find the way to the treasure with wit rather than strength.


Hunter Kukha proposes to exchange furs for Herald’s sword, as due to the local tradition weapons are not brought to the market, and if there are there these are only for trade.

Enraged konung wants to kill Kukha. Peresvet, trying to save his friend, shouts to the Vikings, that their ships are on fire.

At this time the Sacred tree of Byarmiya people awakens to the sound of the rain.

At night, at drakar, Vikings are feasting. Ragni blames her brother that they scared of the Byarmiya people. Court poet Einar, with whom Ragni is in love, does not understand why they are not trading, and rather trying to fight. Vikings laugh at the poet, as they know the aim of the expedition from its start; they came to plunder, and the poet is taken by the daughter of the konung for her pleasures and in order to describe the conquests of Herald. Ragni undertakes to bring in a hostage who will point the way to the treasures.

Ragni attempts to take Yiouchen as hostage. Prophetess’s daughter calls upon the forest spirits to aid her, but the spirits leave her to face the Vikings on her own.

Eiran must protect the savage until morning. Yiouchen compares the poet with a bloody murderer.

Struck by Yiouchen’s beauty and wounded right to his heart by her harsh words the bard poet let’s her go. AS thanks she gives him an averter – bear claw.

Herald, finding out about the treason, decides to execute the poet in the morning.

Yiouchen, having got free, prays to the spirits to save Eiran, her heart is birthing love.

Kukha comes to save his bride, and he is endlessly happy that she avoided death.

Ragni calls to Einar so that he would beg his brother for mercy, but the poet does not agree, he decides to compose a praise song in honor of Herald. According to the Viking laws, if konung likes the drapa, he must forgive all the sins of the poet, even the most grave.

Ragni feels that Einar has fallen hostage to the spells of the young witch and demands Einar to love her.

Herald agrees to listen to the song of praise. In the first part the praise sounds all out, but the end the song predicts an inglorious defeat of the Herald. Konung laughs at the prophecies of the mortal poetа, he does not believe in the power of the fate. Sword – the sole source of his believe. Herald offers the poet to behold his quick victory and, if such takes place, than Einar, in exchange for life, will have to part with poetry and never write again. Poet accepts.

Konung convinces his sister, that her love for the traitor is a stupid game. But Ragni stands her ground. Herald prepares a plan for the seeking and obtaining of the treasure, he knows the way to the Sacred tree, but gods need a sacrifice. The question is who will be the sacrifice? Herald takes out his sword, with an intention to kill his sister.



Peresvet and Nezvan decide to stay with the Byarmiya people, in order to help the friendly people in case they are engaged in war.

Vikings send parliamentarians to the shore. Konung informs the Byarmiya people on the death of the sister and asks for a permission to come ashore along with his men, so that they can burn her body on a hill, as in accordance to the Viking rituals. After which the Vikings promise to forever leave the Byarmiya.

Vairone asks the spirits of Fire to help her people overcome any difficulties.

Yiouchen admits to the sky and the land that she is in love with the poet and asks for his protection. During the night Einar comes to the forest to warn Yiouchen on the Herald’s treacherous plan. He asks her to runaway with him. Prophetess’s daughter does not agree to leave her people. Einar thanks the fate for the given love, poet will follow the path drawn by the gods.

Board of the elders no longer trust Vairone for the fact that she could not foresee the attack of the enemy. Board orders for Yiouchen to take up her place, so that the girl would go to the Sacred tree and if the tree will accept her, than she will become the new prophetess.

Yiouchen understands that if she is to become a prophetess she will have to give up her love and keep her virginity.



Kukha informs Vairone that the hunters allowed for unarmed Vikings to come down to the shore in order to carry out the ritual. Vairone solves the Viking’s treacherous plan. But the Vikings are already on shore. Fighting begins.

Byarmiya people become in the fighting, Vikings come into the ambush and die.

Helmsman Thorir blames blames Herald that they die in vain. Konung blames the Viking for being a coward and kills him. But without the Helmsman Vikings willnot find their way home.

Sacred tree appears before Konung. Konung’s blade is broken. Herald goes insane. New prophetess Yiouchen comes from the Sacred tree, shakes the earth and stirs the waters.

Nezvan wins against Einar in the fight. Yiouchen asks the Novgorod man not to kill the poet. Seeing his loved one in sacred clothes, Einar understands that everything is over and asks for the last kiss. Ragni rushes to Yiouchen, in order to kill her, but the forces of the latter are too great: Ragni sees three Yiouchen, endowed with special force. In despair Ragni strikes Einar.

While dying the poet asks the prophetess to tie a white cloth to the Sacred tree so that his soul would forever stay with her. Yiouchen promises to never part with the poet’s soul.

Ragni grieves for the poet. Poet’s voice rises up and flies over everyone, but only Yiouchen hears it…


Svæðisbundin félagssamtök “Frjálst Kirjálaland” sækjast eftir fjárstuðningi til þess að standa kostnað af þýðingu þessarar heimasíðu yfir á íslensku. Allir aðilar sem sjá fyrir stuðningi við þýðingu heimasíðunnar á íslensku eða túlkar sem taka að sér þýðingu heimasíðunnar á íslensku (úr rússnesku eða ensku) endurgjaldslaust verða sæmdir lífstíðartitlinum Heiðursmeðlimur Svæðisbundna Félagssamtaka "Frjálst Kirjálaland", og prýðilegu nöfn þeirra verða nefnd á vef okkar í hlutanum "Vinir okkar".

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